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Purchased by Gaylord Scrievers sometime around 1955, apparently already a 'hot rod' project.  He began modifying and building his version of the hot rod.  It was christened Sylvester II after Scriever's favorite cartoon character.  It was shown at the 1962 Oakland Grand National Roadster Show.  He use it as a daily driver after the show before eventually selling it on.  It went through a number of owners only to be parted out and traded to an Albert Garcia in 1971.  It would be stored in his garage for the next 40 years.



It wasn't until 2007 when the roadster was found amidst other items being sold by Albert Garcia's widow. It made it's way into Paul Shaughnessy's hands and eventually was recreated as Sylvester III, competing in the 2012 Grand National Roadster Show, where it would win Best Paint, Best Engine and Best Undercarriage.

There is a lot more to the Sylvester story and several articles were written about it during it's 2012 rebirth. You can find links to them here:

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Sylvester II Period Photos




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