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Quotes from our customers!

The people are the reason Genau AutoWerks has become a successful business, helping owners and buyers find and sell their dream cars.  We work diligently with you to ensure that your vehicles are properly presented.  This leads to a successful transaction with happy buyers and sellers.  Here are few testimonials to our service...

"Will you tell us who did the photography? Absolutely stunning, especially those “motion” shots, and use of the vineyard backdrop. Beautiful car."  - auction viewer
"Thank you Ingo, it did so well because of your excellent photography and presentation!"
- seller


"Stunning photography. I can’t believe this car would show better in the flesh than it does in the photos. Beautiful… just beautiful" 
- Auction bidder
"That first photo is calendar worthy. Beautiful car!" - Auction bidder
"Those photos are adding $10K to the final price." - Auction bidder

"Agree with @FunInTheSun, the pictures are very well done. 
Cool video too. This is a really outstanding presentation."
 - Auction bidder
"Now, that’s a video to sell a car! Very, very professionally done." - Auction bidder


"Best photography I've seen on BaT. Outstanding car too." - BaT User @JP_Gervs

"Regardless of the car, this listing is so well done.  The seller is communicative and providing much additional information about the car. The driving video is exceptionally well done." - BaT User @BigPlanDan


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