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WHAT we do for you


With decades of professional photography & video experience, we will position your vehicle in it's best possible light. There will be no doubt for anyone interested in the car from near or far as to exactly what they are getting.  We'll also capture the romance of your particular car and help give the prospective buyer that emotional experience that helps them bond with it from the start.


Today, more than ever before, the automotive community is world-wide and tight knit.  Your buyer might be in the next town or across the globe.  We know where, how and when to market your vehicle to gain the best visibility.  Ingo has written for many automotive and other industry publications and websites.  His insights are funny, honest and well received. 

THE Process

Let us do the work for you.  We'll handle the sale from beginning to end. You don’t have to deal with phone calls, emails , or even the proverbial tire kicker.  That's what we're here for.  We'll help you get your car detailed and ready for it's spotlight.  If it needs work or documentation to further enhance it's value, we will concierge that service for you.


We have a wide list of industry and enthusiast friends.  If there is a question about how to best position a car for sale, there is a wealth of knowledge at our disposal.  If you've got something very unique, we can discreetly get the word out to ensure it's seen by the correct people.  There are many avenues to sell a car, whether it be a private sale or taken to auction.  You can be sure that we will use all the avenues at our disposal to get the best price for our clients.


What does all this cost?  Well that depends on what you need us to do and what the final selling price is.  We provide an extremely cost effective service.


"Will you tell us who did the photography? Absolutely stunning, especially those “motion” shots, and use of the vineyard backdrop. Beautiful car."  - auction viewer
"Thank you Ingo, it did so well because of your excellent photography and presentation!"
- seller


"Stunning photography. I can’t believe this car would show better in the flesh than it does in the photos. Beautiful… just beautiful" 
- Auction bidder
"That first photo is calendar worthy. Beautiful car!" - Auction bidder
"Those photos are adding $10K to the final price." - Auction bidder

"Agree with @FunInTheSun, the pictures are very well done. 
Cool video too. This is a really outstanding presentation."
 - Auction bidder
"Now, that’s a video to sell a car! Very, very professionally done." - Auction bidder


Click on the picture for the auction success story

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