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Drive Train

Ford 348 V8

Tremec 5-speed manual


Gray w/White stripes

Race-ready interior


Miles: 222

414 hp


There were only six original Coupes ever made. Those cars captured the 1965 FIA World Championship for America in the last years before mega-money took American roadracing from its roots and from the average guy. Despite the fact that the design never entered production, those six cars, hand-built upon 289 AC chassis, are some of the most valuable collector cars on the planet. Each of the original six Daytona Coupes is valued at more than $8 million. 

This car is one of the most unique and stunning shapes in automotive history. Each Factory Five Type 65 Coupe is true to the road racing legacy that gave the design its birth, and yet with modern engineering and technologies, our cars are much more livable than the originals.

The Type 65 Coupe-R is based on the complete kit version of the Type 65 Coupe, but made for professional competition.  The largest difference between the Gen 3 Coupe and the Gen 3 Coupe-R is that the Coupe-R comes with a competition cage chassis (powdercoated in white like all Factory Five competition version chassis). 


This is a 1965 titled Factory Five Racing Type 65 Coupe-R, Daytona Coupe. It will be available on soon.  Factory Five's tag line is "The Built, Not Bought Company!"  They have been offering component car kits since 1995.  This particular car is an homage to the amazing Shelby Daytona Coupe's that ran at LeMans.   

The owner purchased this kit from Factory Five Racing and attended their intensive build school.  Over the next year, he would build this car from the ground up, using all new parts.  This included a Ford 348 V8 with 414 hp and 416 lb-ft of torque.  All while weighing only 2544 lbs wet.  

Very important to mention that this car is street legal and road registered as a 1965.  (Hear that California enthusiasts?)  It was used sparingly on track days with the Shelby club, before the owner retired and moved to Oregon.    It is now for sale here in Northern California!



or call 415.730.5352 for more information

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