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228 mile 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra


Drive Train

5.0L V8

5-speed manual





228 miles

225 HP


The 1993 Ford Mustang, particularly the Fox Body model, is celebrated as a quintessential American muscle car of the early 1990s. This model year marked the end of the Fox Body generation, which had been in production since 1979, and it remains a favorite among car enthusiasts for its blend of performance, style, and affordability. The 1993 Mustang came with several engine options, the most notable being the 5.0-liter V8 engine in the GT model, delivering robust power and a thrilling driving experience. The exterior featured the classic, angular lines and sleek design that characterized the Fox Body era, while the interior offered a driver-focused cockpit with sporty accents. Known for its agility and speed, the 1993 Mustang also introduced improvements in handling and suspension, making it a more refined ride. As a last hurrah of the Fox Body generation, the 1993 Mustang holds a special place in automotive history, representing the evolution of a muscle car icon.


228 lifetime miles!  A brand new 1993 car!  It was built on 2/22/1993 and sold on 5/18/1993 by Prestige FLM of Richlands, VA. It was purchased by the previous owner in October of 2022 when it showed only 82 miles on the clock.  They went through the car to ensure that it was in driveable condition.  They put almost 140 miles on it before our client acquired it.  

Recent service includes:

  • Maintenance inspection completed

  • Electrical system checked

  • Fuel filter replaced

  • Fluids checked

  • Oil and filter changed

  • Rear brake rotor(s) resurfaced

  • Tire(s) balanced

  • Four tires balanced

  • Four tires mounted

  • Safety inspection performed

  • Brake fluid flushed/changed

  • Power steering fluid flushed/changed

  • Rear differential serviced

  • Tire(s) replaced

  • Antifreeze/coolant flushed/changed

It also recently passed California smog.



or call 415.730.5352 for more information

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