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2006 Lotus Elise


Drive Train

1.8L Inline 4

6-Speed Manual


Krypton Green



38,790 miles

190 HP


The 2006 Lotus Elise is a quintessential example of the Lotus heritage.  It's the essence of raw, unadulterated driving pleasure. This lightweight, two-seat roadster is a true driver's car, known for its remarkable agility and razor-sharp handling. Powered by a mid-mounted 1.8-liter, 4-cylinder engine, the 2006 Elise produces 190 horsepower, propelling it from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds. 

Its minimalist design and open-top configuration offer a visceral connection to the road. The Lotus Elise is renowned for its precision and responsiveness, making it a favorite among purists who appreciate the purity of the driving experience it delivers.


This 2006 Lotus Elise was imported into the US in February of 2006, arriving in Houston, Texas.  It was first titled in California.  In 2011 an unknown incident caused this Elise to be declared a total loss with 32,972 miles on the odometer. It was sold at a salvage auction.

The car then sat for a long period of time and the current owner acquired the car in early 2023 with the intention of making this a fun, inexpensive long term project.  They brought the car to Trackspec Autosports of Fremont in June where they did a full fluid change:  oil, brake and transmission fluids.  The car is currently titled in South Dakota, however the current owner has just smogged the car here in California, making it a simple registration for the new owner.

The car overall appears in quite good shape, starts and drives very well.  Someone has wired LED lights directly into the battery, they have also included a battery kill switch in the boot.  The bare paint has cleaned up reasonably well, we'd recommend getting all the PPF removed as it has become soiled during it's time in storage.  New door cards should also be acquired for the car, excellent options include carbon fiber door cards that sell for under $400ea.

This will be an inexpensive fun project for someone to bring this to be quite a nice example.  The car tracks well and runs as you might expect a 38k mile Lotus!



or call 415.730.5352 for more information

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