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2000 Ferrari 360 Modena


Drive Train

3.6l V8

6-speed F1


Argento Silver

Black leather


Miles: 30,125



Perhaps the most important car produced by Ferrari in the post Enzo-era, the 360 was a game changer for so many reasons.  An all new aluminum space frame chassis was 40% stiffer than the previous generation's steel chassis.  The Pininfarina designed body signaled a departure away from the wedge/sharp angle style of Ferrari V8's from the previous two decades.  Perhaps the most significant change was the new V8 that no longer required an engine removal to change the cambelt.  This dramatically reduced the maintenance costs of the car.  The 360 changed the mindset of Ferrari and lead the way to the new generation of 4xx series V8 mid-engine models.


This particular car has has all the care and attention spent on it by the current owner over the past 12 years.  A recent major belt service by famed Ferrari expert Patrick Ottis Co. ensures that the engine is in tip top shape and simply needs to be driven and enjoyed.  Less than a 1000 miles ago, clutch wear was measured at only 12%.  Recent work includes new tires, clear bra and interior work addressing the 'sticky buttons' and the problematic bubbles in the dash and passenger airbag.  This particular 360 has had not only the necessary work carried out, but also the desirable work done as well!

The car has also received the excellent Challenge rear grill, making it a stand out from behind.




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