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1970 Lotus Europa Special


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The 1970 Lotus Europa was a groundbreaking sports car that epitomized the innovative design and engineering prowess of Lotus Cars during that era headed by the great Colin Chapman. With its distinctive wedge-shaped body, low profile, and lightweight construction, the Europa was a true icon of its time.

One of the defining features of the Europa was its handling characteristics. Thanks to its advanced chassis design, low center of gravity, and independent suspension, the car offered exceptional cornering abilities and precise steering feedback. It became renowned for its agility and nimbleness.

Overall, the 1970 Lotus Europa was a trailblazer in terms of its design, engineering, and performance.


This car has been conceived and built by a true metalwork craftsman who has worked on projects for some of the biggest names in the NorCal customization/restoration arena.  After finishing a Pitts Model 12 airplane, the owner turned his attention to building a custom mid-engine special.

A non-running Lotus Europa was sourced for it's excellent chassis and handling characteristics.  A brand new 2004 Ford Focus SVT 2.0L inline 4 producing 170hp was sourced from a Ford dealership.  The build began over a multi-year period in between projects for the likes of Steve Moal and Patrick Ottis.  

In 2007-2008, he begain dialing in the suspension modifications and engine tuning.  A few trips to the dyno brought the engine into optimal tune.  The upgraded 5-speed manual transmission came from a Renault Sport Wagon with a new clutch and lightened flywheel.

A master metalworker, the body was completed in house at his workshop.  The front and rear wings were added post-build to really nail down the high speed handling characteristics.

The car is currently registred in California and does not require smog.



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