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1970 Gottlieb Snow Derby Pinball Machine


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Gottlieb, a prominent pinball machine manufacturer, had a rich history in the arcade and amusement industry. Here's a brief overview:

  1. Founding and Early Years (1927): Gottlieb was founded in 1927 by David Gottlieb in Chicago, Illinois. Initially, the company focused on creating mechanical amusement devices, including pinball machines.

  2. Innovation and Expansion (1930s-1940s): During the 1930s and 1940s, Gottlieb became known for its innovation in pinball technology. They introduced various features such as bumpers, kick-out holes, and scoring mechanisms that enhanced gameplay.

  3. Post-War Success (1950s-1960s): After World War II, Gottlieb continued to thrive, producing popular pinball machines. In the 1950s and 1960s, they embraced themes like sports, music, and pop culture in their designs. Notable machines from this era include "Humpty Dumpty" (1947), the first pinball machine with flippers, and "Spirit of '76" (1975), which celebrated the United States Bicentennial.

  4. Solid State Transition (1970s): In the 1970s, like many other pinball manufacturers, Gottlieb transitioned from electromechanical to solid-state technology. This shift brought advancements in game design, scoring, and reliability.

  5. End of an Era (1996): Despite efforts to revive the brand, Gottlieb's pinball division faced financial difficulties. The last pinball machine produced under the Gottlieb name was "Barb Wire" in 1996.

  6. Legacy: Gottlieb left a lasting legacy in the pinball industry, with many of its machines considered classics by collectors and enthusiasts. The company played a crucial role in shaping the evolution of pinball technology and design during its decades-long presence in the amusement industry.

While Gottlieb is no longer an active pinball manufacturer, its machines continue to be cherished by collectors, and the brand holds a significant place in the history of arcade gaming.


1970 Gottlieb's "Snow Derby" is a rare two player pinball machine, one of the  last to have small 1960's style flippers the very first machine to have a countdown end of ball bonus.

This particular machine is an amazing time capsule.  Everything works, the wood frame has been restored, the game floor and glass scoring piece have great patina.  The legs have been rechromed.  It also comes with 2 extra balls, all the original documentation that comes with the game including installation/instruction manual, schematics, additional paper inserts and extra lights.



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