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1966 912 lightweight 911R inspired hot rod


Drive Train



1966 Porsche 912 donor car.


This build started from a Light Ivory 1966 912 that went through a 4 year bare metal restoration and was refinished in period correct Leaf Green Glasurit after acid dipping. Extensive weight savings were taken including EB Motorsports fiberglass front fenders, hood, bumpers, deck-lid, lightweight carpet etc. while weighing in at 1787lbs without gas. The motor is a 2.8L with Clewett crankfire ignition, PMO 46 carbs, and a fully prepped shuffle pinned 7R case. Rebuilt close ratio 901 gearbox with AFMSX gearset. Suspension is the full suite of Rebel Racing suspension with PMB restored 70S front calipers and Wide M rears along with restored Deep Six Fuchs with hearts. Cooling is handled by a single Carrera cooler and finned Elephant racing oil lines.



-EB Motorsports Fiberglass Front Bumper

-EB Motorsports Fiberglass Rear Bumper

-EB Motorsports Fiberglass Front Fenders-

-EB Motorsports Fiberglass Hood

-EB Motorsports Fiberglass Deck Lid

-EB Motorsports 911R Decklid Hinges

-EB Motorsports 911R Tail Light Bases

-EB Motorsports Plastic Headlight

-EB Motorsports International Shipping

-TRE RSR trunk rubber pulls

-Rebel Racing 911R Door Handles

-Plastics 4 Performance 911R Rear Windows

-Blue Tinted Glass


-Shuffle pinned 7R case

-Dougherty DC80 cams

-SC Oil Pump

-J&E Custom Pistons/Cylinders

-Ported 2.7 Heads

-Carrillo Rods

-Aasco Ti Retainers

-Clewett Crank Fire

-Lightweight Starter

-EB Motorsports lightweight tins

-Sheridan Motorsports Fiberglass Shields

-Elephant Racing Carrera Oil Cooler Kit

-Elephant Racing Oil Lines

-ST Classic RSR engine carrier

Fuel System

-PMO Carbs 46 Carbs

-Center fill 100L Tank w/100L sending unit


-M&K Muffler

-European Racing Header


-Rennshift Shifter

-Rebel Racing Transmission Mounts

-Wavetrac Diff

-A-F-M-S-X close ratio


-EB Motorsports RSR Style Strut Brace

-Rebel Racing RSR Strut Tower Reinforcement

-Rebel Racing Spring Plate Bushings

-Rebel Racing Front Control Arm Bushings

-Rebel Racing Steering Coupler

-Rebel Racing Rear Torsion Bars

-Rebel Racing Front Torsion Bars

-Rebel Racing Spring Plates

-Rebel Racing Bump Steer Kit

-Rebel Racing Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

-Koni adjustable shocks

-PMB Modified M Calipers

-S Front Calipers

-Koni Shocks

-930 Tie Rods


-Deep Six Fuchs with Hearts restored by Fuchs Restoration


-Lightweight Wiring Harness

-Mil-spec tefzel wiring

-Restored LWB dash

-TRE Roll Bar

-Rennline Dash Trim Facia Radio/Heater Delete

-Rennline Shift Linkage Cover

-Rennline Aluminum Floorboard driver

-Rennline Aluminum Floorboard passenger

-Rennline Smuggler Box Battery Relocate

-Rennline Smugglers Box Cover

-Rennline Kill Switch

-ST Classic Harness Mounts

-ST Classic 911R Door straps

-Momo Prototipo

-Rear View Mirror

-Odyssey 680 Battery

-Appbiz Door Panels

-Appbiz International Carpet perlon

-Autos International Headliner

-GTS Classics Monza Seats

-Restored gauge set with 10k tach


or call 415.730.5352 for more information

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