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1985 Wellington
gar wood Speedster



Wellington built a number of tributes of the famous Gar Wood Speedster, a 16' racing boat produced between 1934 - 38.  There were 14 original Gar Wood Speedsters, including "Nostalgia" built in 1935 and delivered to the Bennet Boat Company in Mayfield, NY.

Wellington pulled a 'plug' from this very boat to create a run of 9 boats.  The first seven had 165hp Crusaders, #8 a Chrysler Crown, and # 9 a 220hp V6 Crusader engine. 



This particular boat is #9, the one with the larger 220hp engine.  This last of the limited production was built for William Dodd, a well known collector of wooden boats.  It was titled in Illinois, but it is believed this boat never left the Lake Tahoe area.  It sat for the better part of 30 year before a second owner purchased it, but never launched it.  The current owner surmises that the boat was never in the water as it was missing several crucial items like a battery tiedown mechanism.  He went through the boat, recommissioning it and adding an hour meter on the engine.​

Only used in fresh water, this boat has been shown at the 2019 Wood and Glory show.  It now shows just over 7 hours of use.  A beautiful boat, it is ready to be enjoyed on a lake near you, or simply to be admired as a piece of sculpture, as it has much of it's life!

or call 415.730.5352 for more information. 

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