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2004 Mercedes Benz 320SLK



The SLK was developed as a competitor to the Porsche Boxster and BMW Z3.  They offered a retractable hardtop which was a significant step up from both of those cars and gave it a sedan like interior feel with superb chassis rigidity.  The car debuted in the US in 1998 with a 2.3l engine with 192hp.  In 2000 Mercedes introduced the 320 which featured a 3.2l V6 engine and 215hp.  Luxurious, while being performance based, these little convertibles became a spiritual successor to the old 190SLs.



The current owner purchased this car from RAB Mercedes in Marin in January 2004 with under 1400 miles.  The car is in fantastic shape, now showing under 43,000 total miles.  It features the larger V6 engine and a 5-speed automatic transmission.  It is appointed with a Calyptus wood trim and a factory CD changer in the boot.  This car has been fastidiously maintained and a fender bender in 2009 was fixed by the Mercedes Benz dealership with factory parts. 

It now presents as an immaculate car that is a joy to drive and has enough grunt and holding power to enjoy in the twisties, yet docile and luxurious enough to be enjoyed when the traffic gets heavy.



or call 415.730.5352 for more information


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