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2000 BMW M Coupe


The Clown Shoe!  Famous amongst BMW circles, these cars were derived from the under powered Z3 roadster and coupe.  A small group of engineers took the Z3 and developed a hardtop version with wider hips.  This allowed them to put the S52 inline 6 motor in the car and with better suspension modifications, significantly improve handling.

The M designation as is the case with all BMW model lines is the most powerful, best handling of the coupes. The US version produced 240hp and with it's just a hair over 3000 lb weight, these cars were nimble and fast.  Only 2180 of the earlier S52 engine USA bound models were produced. (click here)



This particular car is the incredibly rare Evergreen exterior over Evergreen and Black Nappa interior.  Only 41 Evergreen models were purported to have been made, only 27 of them was with the Evergreen and Black interior.  This car will only increase in value and collectability.  This car was purchased new in California and has had only one family ownership before being sold onto the current owner who is a BMW mechanic.  

With just over 106,000 miles, this car is in amazing shape with great paint and the interior in amazing shape for it's age and mileage.  Having been maintained all it's life by a very reputable BMW repair shop, this car is a current and future collectable!



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