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1974 VW THing - TYPE 181


Originally designed by VW to be an inexpensive, durable military transport vehicle, the Type 181 was then made available to the consumer under different model names depending on the country.  In the US, the 'Thing' was sold from 1972-1975.  As far back as 2007 Motor Trend magazine had hallmarked the Thing as a 'Collectable Classic'. 

With a simple to fold down convertible top, stowable side curtains and a fold down windshield, the Thing became a beloved vehicle for it's simplicity and reliability.  Today, they hold their place with the Beetle and the Bus as one of the most distinctive Volkswagens of all time.



This 1974 VW Thing has been slightly modified with Air Kewld suspension and new EMPI BRM Speedwell VW wheels along with brand new Nankung tires.  It presents well with only minor dings and surface rust.  It's the perfect driver, a Thing you can take anywhere and enjoy without worrying about it. 



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