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1962 Pontiac Catalina


The Catalina started out as Pontiac's top of the line trim package.  Eventually becoming it's own model in 1959, replacing the Chieftan.  In 1961, Pontiac updated the Catalina to this body style with boxier lines.  Originally these cars has a 389 6.4l engine.  This car's year, the '62 featured the 'bow' lines of a convertible in the roof line.  A 'not for the street' version came with a 421 engine.  The production run ended in 1964



This 1962 has been turned into a 'sleeper' hotrod.  Ready for both show use or quarter miles trips, it's a beautiful example of the body style, the interior presents as new, just like it rolled off the showroom floor.  the underside is impeccable with absolutely no signs of rust. That cleanliness continues to the trunk and engine bay which again present in a show-like condition.

For those who want to drive, this car is perfectly setup to tear up the road.  It has a later, 1968 Pontiac 428 4-bolt main block that has been bored and stroked, now sitting at approximately 420 hp.  It's fed by dual 4-barrel carburetors and exits via Super Duty exhaust manifolds and a 2 1/2" exhaust system.  A Super T-10 4-speed and posi rear end are also installed along with 8 lug wheels.

This is truly a great car to show or go!



or call 415.730.5352 for more information


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