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Introduced in 1957 at the Turin Motor Show, the first 2000's rolled of the line in 1958.  Larger than their Giulietta counterparts, these cars were built more as grand touring cars.  Handsomely detailed, the bodies were designed by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera.  Touring would create many famous cars such as the Ferrari 166, Aston Martin DB4, Lancia Flaminia, Lamborghini 350 & 400 and the Maserati 3500GT.  For Alfa Romeo, they created the 1900, 2000 and the 2600.  

The 2000 used a 2.0L engine with twin carburetors, a 5-speed all synchromesh gearbox, with independent front suspension and a solid rear axle and drum brakes.  Approximately 3400 Spiders were built between 1958 - 1961.



This 1959 model, AR 10204 00072, is an early example, built on December 19, 1958 and was delivered to the Hoffman Motor Company in New York on January 23, 1959.  The previous owner, a well known private restorer of Series 102 cars in Nevada acquired the car in 2006 and underwent a lengthy complete bare metal, rotisserie restoration that was completed in 2010-11.  It was resprayed in it's original Grigio Biacca (AR 702) color.  Full details of this restoration can be found here.

Most notably, this car has a larger, much more powerful rebuilt 2300 engine built in Brazil under license by Alfa Romeo, it is fed by dual Weber 45 DCOE carbs.  This makes the car a quick and comfortable cruiser for today's roads.  A classic looking modern radio has bluetooth capability. 

Included in the purchase with this car is a period correct 2000 engine, which was also rebuilt at the time, an aftermarket hard top, tonneau cover, boot cover and custom car cover.


Even though it is now a 10 year old restoration, this car won Sports Car Market's "Best Tipo 102" award at the 2021 Concorso Italiano.  This car drives well and presents beautifully.  Eligible for many period rallies, it would also take pride of place at any concours event with a good chance to add to it's award collection!



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