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2001 Supercharged HondA S2000



The Honda S2000 began production in 1999 and ran until 2009.  The AP1, first generation ran until 2003 with an AP2 coming later.  It had a 2L inline 4-cylinder engine with a 6-speed manual transmission.  It was was renowned for its horse power vs cubic inch ratio which at the time was a record for any naturally aspirated mass-produced car as well as it's extremely high redline coming at close to 9000 RPM.  The S2000 also has 50/50 weight distribution, further enhancing the performance of the car.



This car was a very early 2001 build, it was the 69th to come off the assembly line at Tochigi.  The Tochigi plant was the home of Honda R&D and was created to hand assemble the NSX, they also added the S2000 to that plant when it was introduced.


It was delivered to a Honda dealer in Virginia on 10/30/2000.  At some point between delivery and 2004 it was subjected to a 'Fast and Furious' style modification, most notably a body kit and a host of Comptech parts, including a supercharger kit.  We have consistent  reports documenting the extremely low mileage throughout it's life.  It was brought from the East Coast to Northern California where it ended up in the hands of it's third owner with only 3588 miles on the clock.  That owner was an S2000 enthusiast who had several models. 


In 2009 he took the car to noted NSX/S2000 expert Shad Huntley of Driving Ambition.  Shad began working for Comptech at 19 years old and climbed their ladder, including becoming lead mechanic on their IndyCar team.  He would eventually become Director of Product Development before starting his own NSX/S2000 specialist shop Driving Ambition.  Shad would do several things to this car including adding an ACT Flywheel and clutch set as well as a reinforced diff housing with an OS Giken LSD diff.  The car was used sparingly and then sat for over 5 years.  In 2021 it was came back to Shad where he carefully brought the car back to optimum driving condition.  This car  is CA smog legal and the current owner is happy to have that done before transfer if the car stays in CA.

With only 7100 miles currently on the ODO, this car is a very unique unicorn.  With all the Comptech parts originally put on the car and the further work done by Shad at Driving Ambition, this car is now a beast in ultimate driving condition.  Choose to keep the current body kit or easily bring it back to stock configuration and have a real sleeper on the road.  Pay special attention to the underside of the car to see how unbelievably clean this car really is!




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