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1986 SUZUKI GSX-R1100


A seminal bike, one of the first 'superbikes'.  Developed by Etsuo Yokouchi's design team, they used the then current GSX750 as a starting point.  They went through the bike, reducing weight everywhere they could. The 1052 four stroke, DOHC inline-four, 4 valve per cylinder was the heart of the bike coupled with a 5-speed transmission.  A rear mono shock and large powerful brakes and the handling and stopping performance.



Complete ownership history is known on this bike.  Purchased by the father of the current owner from from the original owner in September 1988.  We have a thick stack of receipts documenting it's service from day one.  This bike has had consistent maintenance while being regularly enjoyed to the tune of 51k miles.  It starts easily and rides well.



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